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  • After BabelLooking for Batoutos

    After Babel
    Looking for Batoutos

    After Babel Looking for Batoutos 2024 feature film, Momento! Co-written with   Patrick Chamoiseau In development with the support of CNC, Ile de France region, South Region & Pays de Loire Region Drawing inspiration from the vision of Caribbean poet and philosopher Edouard Glissant, After Babel embarks us into six immersive chapters that weave together…

  • Colonial Remix

    Colonial Remix

    Colonial Remix A film andan Immersive Sound and Video Installation In Development (and potentially, a book and an exhibition) Through a rhizome of works of art from Europe, Africa and the Americas, Colonial  Remix proposes the construction of a sound box in which reverberates the history of  the colonies and their fantasies, from the first…

  • Towards the night

    Towards the night

    Towards the night Nov. 2023 In development Les films du Djabadjah Experimental feature film Shot in Kigali The film begins at dusk. From behind, a young man stops a motorbike taxi, climbs into the back after putting on the red helmet and drives off into the heights of the city at sunset.He gets off at…



    The echo Film essay Editor : Djamel Kerkar A little over 30 years ago, still a teenager, I borrowed a camera for the first time to archive images with my best friend of the house I grew up in and which I had to leave. An unusual, very uncomfortable Parisian house filled with art objects,…



    Mary and Jibril FEATURE NARRATIVE rewriting stage It’s the story of crazy love. Of recognition and rejection. Of a passion thwarted by the political and societal climate. By shame and things left unsaid too.  Mary is Parisian, Jibril (يلِِجْبر, the archangel Gabriel in the Koran) is Dakarois.  Their story begins in the depths of the…