A chronogical
panafrican film cycle

The tiger doesn’t proclaim its tigritude, it pounces on its prey and devours it.

Wole Soyinka, Nobel Prize in Literature

Through 126 films, 40 countries and 66 years of cinema history, Tigritudes* 1956-2021 draws a subjective and chronological pan-African anthology. Conceived by directors Dyana Gaye and Valérie Osouf, in collaboration with the Forum des images, this cycle explores the issues and forms of a cinematography that is still largely unknown. The Tigritudes cycle invites artists and intellectuals from different backgrounds to discuss the films, bringing together different perspectives, visions and generations so that the stories of cinema can be heard.

Image : Pascal Schneider, Forum des Images

Around Tigritudes :

In 2022, the cycle began its pan-African tour in Burkina Faso and Senegal, before continuing in 2023 in Morocco, South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria.

In spring 2024, it will be presented in its entirety in London.

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