Category: Finished films

  • North


    North 2023 ESSAY FILM STUDIO – LODZ LAB A sequence shot by plane from the African coast to the shores of Europe. When you have the privilege of a Western passport, it takes 9min47s. But for the Sudanese writer in exile Youssif Halliem Kiddo, whom we listen to during this flight, the crossing of the…

  • Xiheng Jie

    Xiheng Jie

    Xiheng Jie 2022 Short film ShanShan films & Berlin Biennale #12 Short film shot in Guangzhou (China), ShanShan films & Berlin Biennale #12.  Mister Cheng can’t see us so we won’t see him. But we see what he can’t see. An old street of Guangzhou soon to be destroyed, a Man, a Dream.

  • Abderrahmane Sissako, Beyond Territories

    Abderrahmane Sissako, Beyond Territories

    Abderrahmane Sissako, Beyond Territories 2017 feature-length documentary Petit Dragon / Granit films / ARTE / CANAL HORIZONS / TV5 MONDE / CNC / ELEPHANT To be somewhere precise yet stand nowhere at all, to embody one’s convictions, yet never  miss the essential, to rise up and be present at the critical moment, to bear witness…

  • Afterwards


    Afterwards 2014 short film Granitfilms Awarded at Corto di Donne (Naples) and Zagreb (Women film festival).RCB Bejaïa – AFLAM (Marseille) – Setif – Kaliber35 (Munich) – Ljubljana (Migrant films) A few days before her death, a very old woman tries to remember her past. Alzheimer allows her to reinvent swathes of her existence, the most…

  •  National Identity

     National Identity

    National Identity 2012 Feature documentary Granit films In development with the support of CNC, Ile de France region, South Region & Pays de Loire Region A FILM ON INSTITUTIONAL RACISM If we fail to consider the plight of foreigners, if we fail to perceive what our laws can result in, we begin to lose sight…

  • Cameroon, Autopsy of Independence

    Cameroon, Autopsy of Independence

    Cameroon, Autopsy of an Independence 2008 History documentary film, 52 mn co-written et co-directed with Gaëlle Le Roy Program33 / France 5 / TSR / RTBF. Audience Award, Festival International du Film d’Histoire de Pessac. Right after Germany’s defeat during the first World War, the Society of Nations (SDN) placed Kamerun under the trusteeship of…

  • No comment, the land where one never arrives

    No comment, the land where one never arrives

    No comment: the land where one never arrives 2024 Short film16 millimètres BFC Production Three years after the passing of the so-called Pasqua laws and less than ten years after the introduction of compulsory visas for nationals of former French colonies, what about the repression of immigration? Since 1993, 80,000 people have been expelled from…